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Achieve the ultimate network effect by rewarding members of your community with stock. It will transform the way they contribute to your mission.

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Track updates from existing and new portfolio companies through simple integrations

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Tyke has built a powerful product to solve for a huge gap in the private investment space. Excited to see how they scale.

Vaibhav Domkundwar
Vaibhav Domkundwar

Founder & CEO
Better Capital

Better Capital

The features and systems that Tyke has created are seamless and have reduced the time we invested in closing and managing our deals substantially. Incredible product.

Alexander Erikstrup
Alexander Erikstrup

Founding Partner
Ratio Ventures

Ratio Ventures

With Tyke's private investment management we were able to streamline our deals and close rounds faster. They have built a great product which everyone in the market was longing for. Great work.

Anuj Golecha
Anuj Golecha

The Venture Catalyst Group


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